WorldTrak Products

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Worldtrak is a cost effective vehicle tracking and management system that utilises the very latest GPRS technology to supply real-time multi vehicle tracking across Europe and first rate management reporting.

Improve profits, safety, security & performance.

Customer service is at the heart of our organisation so full support comes as standard with convenient on-site installation, full training on the user-friendly system and software updates where required. We will assist you with the implementation of the bespoke report options that provide you with clear illustrations of how your business is performing. Monitor a specific vehicle or view the whereabouts of your entire fleet, at any time, via the moving map display on your PC. Accurate location information is at your fingertips with the system that even allows you to drill down to street level for exact real-time positioning. If required, Geo Zones can be set-up with an alert to a designated telephone number should unauthorised use of a vehicle take place or if a vehicle is taken out of a pre-defined area. The very latest GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) satellite technology provides inexpensive fleet tracking and our user-friendly software puts you in control with comprehensive management reporting.


Regular addresses and destinations can be displayed for easy recognition on the maps and speedier routing and journey planning.


For extra security and added peace of mind geo-fencing is included as standard. Set up the areas you wish to restrict vehicles travelling into or out of and an alarm will be sent to your designated telephone number to warn you that unauthorised vehicle movement is taking place.


If you need to locate certain vehicles at specific times the system can be set to automatically locate those vehicles for you. Plus, if you need to compile reports at the same time every day or week the system can be set to automatically download the information for you, you won't even have to think about it.

Postcode Locator & Routing Software

Simply type in the postcode, street name or landmark you wish to locate and the software will highlight the location on the street level mapping for you. Plus, input your journey start and destination and the software will plan your journey, illustrate your route on the map and give you written directions, either by shortest distance or fastest route available. Add the addresses your vehicle has to visit that day, however many stops are planned, and the software will generate the best route to follow.

Journey History & Replays

A visual record of every journey made by your vehicles is available for you at the click of a mouse and detailed history will tell you where every vehicle has been, routes taken and duration of stops.

Journey Reports

Did they use the most cost-effective route? Were they on time? Are any drivers finishing their working day too early? You'll know the answer to all of these questions and more. Our suite of reports will make sure you get the information you need, when you need it. View on screen or print out hard copies, a useful tool when it comes to invoicing, timesheet production, customer queries or speeding/parking fine queries.


Cheaper as it utilises data network


More expensive as it uses conventional mobile phone network.


Faster thanks to it's use of broadband.


Slower as it uses conventional modems.


You can track entire fleets in real-time.


Not possible to track a fleet in real time, each vehicle must be dialled individually.

vehicle tracking system

The system boasts a moving map feature that simultaneously illustrates vehicle positioning on your desktop. If you need more than general location the system allows you to drill down to street level for exact real-time positioning. In addition, you can compile bespoke management reports as and when you need them that will detail, amongst other things, number of trips, mileage, average speed and idle time. If preferred, we can produce the reports on your behalf and email them to you in convenient Excel format.

Worldtrak device

The onboard device is made up of the GPS/GPRS receiver, GSM (mobile phone technology) cellular telephone module, modem, processor, memory card and antenna. Our software package loaded onto your P.C. constantly communicates with the Worldtrak device within the vehicle and via the SIM card will confirm precise location, speed and direction, at any time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Worldtrak system utilises GPS

The Worldtrak system utilises GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), the constellation of satellites developed by the US Department For Defence. Our in-vehicle device communicates with at least three of these navigational satellites to read the vehicle's longitude, latitude and velocity and so accurately pinpoint, within a radius of an astonishing 7 metres, the vehicle's exact location throughout Europe. Through the advanced technology of high speed, low cost data transfer that is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service); constant real-time positioning information is available, allowing for up-to-the-second monitoring of a vehicle or an entire fleet.

Real time street tracking
Full suite of reports
Full back up and support